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Mr. REE in the Witch's Cove

No Rest for the Wicked

The Overlook property in Wellfleet, Mass., has witnessed unspeakable tragedies, from kidnapping to child murders. Some believe a trio of witches cursed the land now owned by Albert and Beatrice Miller. So, when a household member is crushed to death at the Town Clock, Reggie and Mr. REE take up the mysterious case while following clues to finding hidden pirate treasure.

Have a coven of witches cast a spell on the Millers, or is it just a clever blackmail scheme? 

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Mr. REE in Maine

A violent snowstorm strands fourteen strangers inside a depot waiting for the next train out. Tensions further rise when a mysterious man enters with a gun and reveals that one of them murdered his wife and stabbed him. But, before he can identify the suspect, he collapses in Reggie’s arms and whispers his last words. Who among them is the killer, and will any of them survive the night?

Will Mr. REE and Reggie solve the case before the train departs with the murderer on it?



April 22, 2022

It is post-Civil War America. Reggie Poole, a precocious teenage girl, must travel into the war-torn South. She finds violence is commonplace, and Northerners are unwelcome on her journey to find her biological father. He is not any man; he is R. Edwin Easley, the famous British detective known as Mr. REE.

When two men are murdered in an antebellum plantation, and Reggie is connected to both crimes, Mr. REE takes on the case with his assistant, Sally-Ann Primrose, who competes for his attention.

The more Reggie learns about her father, the more she realizes the enigmatic detective hides dark secrets involving his fragile mental state, a mysterious pocket watch, and a hidden room. If she can help him solve the mystery—and not be killed in the process—she just might win him over.

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The Musketeers: All for One

May 26, 2021


Loyalty and Rebellion

Three French patriots come out of retirement to stop a coup d’état &

clear the King’s Musketeers when Cardinal Richelieu blames them. 

"5 out of 5 Stars"

"This is a nice twist on a classic story. Well written & good read."

"Lots of action, easy read and keeps your interest"

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Echoes in the Wind

Melanie was born without a left arm and bears the scars of shame and embarrassment. Sam blames himself for his sister's childhood death, along with everyone else.

The greatest lies told in silence have altered their lives, possibly forever. Unless the truth be known, Melanie and Sam might not realize they have always been in love.

"5 out of 5 Stars"