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Committed to Quality

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Exceeding Expectations


For all of the services listed above, I use Microsoft Word. If you choose to purchase one or more of my services, I’ll need your project in a Microsoft Word document, and I will occasionally edit in Google Docs for smaller projects.

If you’d like to discuss your project over the phone (once one of my editing services has been completed) to ask questions or elaborate on my comments, I charge $25 per hour.

Please note that, while I am a professional editor, there is always room for error. It is not uncommon to find a few missed mistakes after a pass from any editor.

Between Walls


James R. Lawrence has always been passionate about writing and storytelling since a very young age. As a career, he first worked as a reporter for the Fox Cities Newspapers, a subsidiary of the Milwaukee Sentinel. He next became Editor-in-Chief for the Chilton Times-Journal. Since leaving to pursue a career in writing, he has written and published seven books and numerous plays.


As it had been seven years since I had written a novel, I elected to call upon the expertise of an established, prolific author who could affirm for me that I hadn’t lost touch with the creative process. Luckily for me, I found that author in James R. Lawrence, who kindly agreed to a consultation via email. 

I submitted eight chapters of my book to an email address provided by James. In return I received not only confirmation of my writing ability, but a comprehensive, considered and unbelievably helpful review of the plot, characters, structure, point of view, conflict and tone. 

It was clear from James’ reply that he had not only read my chapters, but that he had truly engaged with them in the studious way every author dreams for their books to be read. He empathized with my heroes, condemned my villains, and displayed such an intimate understanding of the overarching theme.

I received a wonderful list of pros and cons, accompanied by further suggestions as well as highlighted grammatical errors. It was a lovely experience to have such a clear editorial review sitting in front of me. The way by which James arranged his notes was nothing short of perspicuous.

It has been my experience as a writer that online editorials often come with scattered, chaotic notes and squiggly arrows arguing with each other all over the page. As such, I was so delighted with the absolute professionalism and expertise which James granted me. 

Thank you, James, for your wisdom, skill and contribution to my third novel. When I next encounter an author in need of editorial review I shall not hesitate to refer them to you.

-Connor McEntee

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